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The customer relationship marketing agency

We have a burning ambition to build fruitful, long-term relationships with measurable benefits, for ourselves and our clients.

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Who are we?

LUON is a customer relationship marketing agency. We deliver smart ideas that build engaging dialogues and profitable relationships between brands and customers.

We address target groups personally, by making them the right offer at the right moment in their customer journey. An approach which guides people from attention to engagement and conversion, and sets the cornerstone of effective customer brand experiences.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of digital, direct and social marketing - driven by relevant content and data.

Every project we work on is based upon clear and measurable objectives. This helps us in our burning ambition to achieve the best possible Return On Marketing Investment as a strategic, operational and marketing knowledge partner to our clients in B2C, B2B and channel marketing.

Our expertise and services


Strategy is the fuel for our smart relationship marketing approach. Based on clear insights of a target group's drivers, customer value, behavior and satisfaction, we develop actionable marketing communication strategies that deliver on their promise.
Our services include marketing intelligence, strategic planning, target audience profiling, omni-channel contact planning, campaign and media tactics, KPI definition.

Data Analytics

Data helps us to gather insights, inspires smart ideas and tells us whether our campaigns actually work. And in our turn, we help transform big data into smart data and connect the multi-channel / multi-platform dots.
Our work includes data planning, web analytics and social analytics, transactional data metrics, customer scoring and profiling, data visualization, conversion and ROI modelling. We are a Google Analytics certified partner.


Creating content worth sharing is important to reach and engage consumers. It helps people find you and initiates word-of-mouth. We create relevant, optimized content and formats that make sure your brand or organization is seen, consumed and shared in digital, social and offline spaces.
Our services include content strategy and content planning, conversation management, content creation and content syndication, editorial writing and storytelling, online video, infographic design.


Our creative team covers concept ideas, campaign copywriting, art direction, user interface design, interaction design, print design, illustration and animation. Each and every one of them underpinned by technology insight. Our objective: to produce work that builds engaging dialogues and creates a lasting customer experience.

Build & develop

We are firm believers in operational excellence. Our in-house production teams combine experience and skills in online, offline and interactive media to deliver what we promise.
Our services include front-end and back-end development for websites and campaign sites, community building and community management, database management, email marketing and direct mail, magazines and newsletters, banner ad production, instore material and digital signage, e-commerce and couponing, video production, mobile app development and more.


Performance is the beating heart in our direct marketing soul. It drives us to get maximum reach, conversion and return out of our customers’ digital media investments. We always go the extra mile in building quality traffic and retraffic in paid, earned and owned media.
Our offering covers organic search (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), social media advertising and promoted post management, pre-roll video and online video advertising, remarketing tactics and implementation, CPC and programmatic buying campaigns. We are a Google certified partner.

And email marketing

We strongly believe in the relational power of email marketing. When used the way it should be, email helps organisations achieve a better brand experience, stronger commitment and more conversion. This knowledge spawned a new agency within the agency, focused entirely on email marketing. With a dedicated team driven by the email expertise we have been building over the past ten years.


Technology and media are changing at a frantic pace. Every week a next-big-thing pops up: an app, a new Alphabet product, a social must-have, the internet of things,…

As a knowledge partner for our clients, our experts read, search, select and preach. Mixing marketing planning, new media opportunities and technology, we use this approach to successfully outline our projects, to inspire our clients and to conceive our acclaimed Wassup sessions.

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