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  • A streetcar named Immpact

    Image for: A streetcar named Immpact

    Ever dreamt of owning an apartment in the heart of Antwerp? Then hitch a ride on tram number 11 and dream away between the Eksterlaar and Melkmarkt stops. You’ll find it feels just like peering out of the window your newly acquired first-class apartment.

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  • Kamp Kwadraat: be there or be square

    Image for: Kamp Kwadraat: be there or be square

    Kamp Kwadraat, that’s the name of the brand new leisure centre in our home town Overijse. To tell you the truth, the name is not all that new. The building has been known as “the camp” for nearly a century now. Today, municipal workers are working overtime to turn it into a 2.000 m² multifunctional leisure centre for the young and the young at heart. So, when they asked us to come up with a new name, we combined the building’s historical context with its current purpose.

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  • Free WASSUP lunches @ LUON

    Image for: Free WASSUP lunches @ LUON

    Did our "How To Maximize The Return On Your Digital Presence" series bring you some fresh insights? Then by all means check out our upcoming WASSUP Lunches.

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  • LUON builds first html tablet catalogue on the Belgian market for Fnac

    Image for: LUON builds first html tablet catalogue on the Belgian market for Fnac

    For the 30th anniversary of Fnac Belgium, their printed promotional catalogue also appears as a web app for the very first time.

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  • A KISS catalogue for Fnac

    A fresh catalogue for Fnac left the building, supporting their 30th anniversary promotional offering. We Kept It Simple and Straightforward.

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  • The new EduMag is out!

    Image for: The new EduMag is out!

    EduMag is the customer magazine for EDUCAM, the knowledge and training centre for the automotive and related sectors in Belgium. Its second issue just rolled in as we speak, hot off the presses.

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  • A pencil sharp Fnac guide for tablets and smartphones

    Image for: A pencil sharp Fnac guide for tablets and smartphones

    What’s in it for you? That’s the million dollar question. Everyone’s got their own reason to buy a tablet or smartphone. Whether it’s to keep you connected to your favorite social network, to manage your schedule or to track your sportive performances, every product offers a solution. That’s why we shifted the focus of this catalogue from the product to the practice. And that’s why we saved some space to add suggestions for applications. After all: phone follows function.

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  • LUON fait la force

    Image for: LUON fait la force

    120 grams of virgin gold vinyl. That’s what we’re thanking the kings and queens of our business with this year. A one-sided limited edition 7”single. 45 rounds per minute. Hi-gloss sleeve with their name on it. Wouldn’t that make you go out and buy one of those extinct Technics turntables? To top it off, we convinced some friends in high places to help us get the message across. They paid personal tribute to each and every one of our honored customers in a video that really rocks.

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  • We wish you a happy Fnac-year

    New year’s resolutions, annual surveys, Santa dolls climbing up house fronts … the end of the year always comes with its certainties. Like a Fnac Christmas Guide filled to the brim with the coolest gift ideas for example. This year’s edition proved to be quite a refreshing one, both in design and readability.

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