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  • Elastic web design and content strategy

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    What is elastic web design?

    Elastic design (aka ‘adaptive layout’ or ‘responsive design’) in web building means that your website’s structure changes into the most optimal display according to the device used to visit it. Or simply put: one website to fit all screen sizes.

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  • Aurelium ClubHouse: a warm welcome for remote workers

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    Tired of being stuck in first gear on your way to work? And sick of queuing all the way back again in the evening? Then the Aurelium ClubHouse will come as a relief. These brand new Aurelium headquarters will open their doors shortly to everyone who wants to work remotely, unbound by the limits of time and space. The new building will be a blessing for all who want to work in a state of the art workspace, with direct access to the latest technological accommodations.

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  • Inspiration of the month: 8 seconds of silence

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    Loads of artists singing some corny song together. Or deejays locking themselves up for a week with nothing to eat but a smoothie a day. Showbiz does the craziest things for charity. But this campaign is different. It manages to get the same kind of attention with nothing more than eight seconds of silence.

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  • LUON builds first html tablet catalogue on the Belgian market for Fnac

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    For the 30th anniversary of Fnac Belgium, their printed promotional catalogue also appears as a web app for the very first time.

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  • Today, we talk Direct.

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    Don’t you get tired of it every now and then? Of people telling you marketing has completely changed?
    Of the marketing seminars who tell you to be relevant – because, yeah: you’ve been in business for more than a decade selling completely and utterly irrelevant products? And do you too want to grab that chair and hit the social media guru repeatedly with it when he says that your brand now really must have a new Facebook app, instead of the old one 3 months ago – like he once said you really needed a shop in SecondLife? Do you start yawning too when your IT department says you must be on the iPad and have a mobile version of your outdated website, because it’s – god forbid – not yet in HTML 5 but – oh, blasphemy – in Flash? Honestly? Well, sometimes we get tired of it too.

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  • How to sell more with branded utilities

    Branded utility in two words? Nike Plus. Five years ago this workout tracking device set the standard for branded utilities today. It turned advertising into service and service back into sales. Nike’s device was able to change a rather low engagement product like running shoes into a full-blown daily running experience. Over time, Nike could even claim “running” as such instead of just “running shoes”.

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  • Solo Open Kitchen goes mobile.

    Get the license to cook. Anyplace. Anytime.

    Take, you’re at a friend’s house. He’s got a beautiful corn-fed chicken in the fridge. But besides that, all he’s got left are some onions and half a bag of potatoes. Darn, at this time of night there’s no chance of heading over to the store for some tasty extras.

    Time to get creative. You switch on your iPhone, spark up the Solo Open Kitchen app and enter the ingredients you’re stuck with. Click. Scroll. Click, and there you have it: “oven-roasted chicken with potatoes, onion and oregano”. Easy-peasy. Now all you need is the nerve to snatch that handful of fresh oregano from the next-door neighbour’s garden…

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  • Mobile Presence: What's Your Flavor?

    Mobile is everywhere. But how to decide on what's the best approach for your business to enter this new space?

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  • iPad Usability Best Practices Checklist

    In 2010, the year the iPad launched, The Nielsen Norman Group conducted a first usability study reporting how real users actually used a broad variety of iPad apps as well as websites accessed on the iPad. In 2011, they did a second round, fine-tuning their previous findings. The results are two +100 pages reports containing their findings, recommendations and screenshots.

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