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  • Inspiration of the month: Giraffe bread

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    The essence of true customer marketing? Listening to customers, understanding them and interacting with them in an honest and relevant way. The client relationship is the goal, not sales. Those are a (very) welcome long-term result.

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  • Being right for 2012

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    It's not that we want to brag or anything. Or wait, yes, actually, we do. Endulge us. For we've been proven right way sooner than we expected. Remember what I wrote on December 30, on this very blog? No? Let me refresh your memory with the exact quote.

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  • #30J : a striking conversation

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    There's never been more fuzz in Belgian media about Twitter and its users than last week. One hashtag ignited such explosive debates that it started to trend worldwide soon after its launch. In terms of exposure and impact, #30J was definitely a hit. However, for its creator, it probably felt like the explosion of a hand grenade, just after you realised you threw the pin at the enemy.

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  • State of Marketing, 2012

    Dear business men, business women,
    Dear fellow marketers,

    The last months have been hard on all of us. The current economic climate has left us little breathing space and very cautious of every step we take. Consequences have often been hard and ruthless. And make no mistake: there are still rough times ahead of us. Budgets will be cut. Resources will be tightened. Consumers will question our every move.

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  • Saab: when the brand beats the product.

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    Did you go this year? To the Brussels motor show, the 'Auto salon' 2012? You're planning to? You too want to go and drool over some exotic GT and end up buying the reasonable low-emission family car your wife tells you too? Well, this year, this petrolhead won't. This year, this car guy will give it a raincheck. This year, I'll be moaning one of the most distinctive car brands in the automotive history.

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  • Bend it like Beckham: David has Klout.

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    The ink on the contract hasn't dried yet, but the owners of  luxurious shops on the Champs Elysées are popping their best champaigns already, for they expect massive increase of their sales: the Beckhams are moving to the city of light! David Beckham has signed an 18-month deal with Paris Saint Germain, for  €800 000 a month. The majority of his income however, comes from sponsor deals. Good for €17 million a year. 3 million from Adidas alone. Not bad for a 38 year old who 'cannot kick with his left foot, cannot head a ball, cannot tackle and he doesn't score many goals,' according to George Best.

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  • Direct van New York (II)

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    En wanneer is iets direct? Als we een mailing hebben uitgestuurd naar een gesegmenteerde database? Als er ergens een <perso naam> staat? Is iets interactief omdat het 'zevenentwintig gazillioen' keer op youtube bekeken is?

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  • Cherry picking? A piece of cake!

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    Today we received a pie from hosting provider Combell. Why? I haven’t got a clue. We don’t need a hosting partner right now. Tasted good, though.

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  • Pimp your DM - Stairway to heaven of highway to hell?

    Here's a column I wrote for the ""Pimp your style" issue of dmix magazine (BDMA). Dutch only, sorry about that.

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  • OFFF 2011: There’s more to life than design

    Of course there is. Everyone knows that, right?

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