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  • Mapping the internet

    Image for: Mapping the internet

    Ever had the silly idea of putting the entire web on a map?

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  • There is no theory of evolution…

    … just a list of creatures that Chuck Norris allows to live.

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  • Facebook? What the *%!£ is Facebook?

    It’s a marketeer’s wet dream – 25 million users, averaging roughly 4 million new users every month.

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  • The powerful voice of YouTube

    The Voice of YouTube just got signed.

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  • Microsoft to Unveil ‘Surface’ Today!

    In a technological break-through, Microsoft is reportedly today introducing a first-of-its-kind coffee-table shaped surface computer, called ‘Microsoft Surface‘ at a technology conference in California.

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  • Rough Trade just got bigger

    Image for: Rough Trade just got bigger

    As reported in De Morgen on Wednesday 28th March, the world-renowned independent music shop, Rough Trade, will open their long awaited East London megastore.

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  • The Internet empowers the masses

    In the 60s it was the barricades and petrol bombs; the 70s saw flower power and sit-ins; the 80s needed riot police; the 90s saw the demonstrators using mobile phones to coordinate but this new century has access to a new tool of public protest.

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  • Web 2.0... the movie

    Michael Wesch, an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, created a terrific video called Web 2.

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  • 10 key predictions for 2007 - as read on eMarketer

    After a blogless week: what to watch for in 2007.

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  • Flashmobbing

    Image for: Flashmobbing

    Flashmobbing in Liverpool street station At 7pm on Thursday 12th October a mob of clubbers danced in silence to the music of their iPods on the concourse of Liverpool Street station.

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  • Sabotage your products

    I just read an article that – even as I was reading the second paragraph – I knew I had to write about on this blog.

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  • Dutch football fans lose trousers

    Advertising space at the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany has – for obvious reasons – been highly sought-after.

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  • Clip culture

    Start-up You Tube shows big media and mighty Google how to do web video From The Economist, 27 April 2006Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, two modest twenty-something software geeks in Silicon Valley, were at a dinner party last year where several people brought their camcorders and then complained how difficult it was to share home videos online.

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  • State of the art accessories

    Image for: State of the art accessories

    Ook beu dat je outfit verknoeid wordt door de draden van je koptelefoon?

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