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From Bas Jespers | Tuesday, October 25, 2011, in Social media, Analytics & benchmarks

Only 42% of active Facebook users agree that marketers should consider a “like” to be a declaration that that person is a fan or advocate of the company. The other 58% are either indecisive (33%) or disagree (25%) with this statement.

But what is this "like" then to most people? "Like" is a form of self-expression. "Like" is a delivery vehicle for exclusive content, it's a form of permission one gives to receive content of a brand or company in their newsfeed. This permission doesn't equal permission for marketers to access all information made possible by technology.

For example, people feel uncomfortable sharing information related to friends and family. Aren't you? Moreover liking a page on Facebook is ambiguous and it doesn't have the same context as literally 'to be a fan'. But most of all, 'like' is light-hearted.

Does 'like' has no real value then?

That's not totally true. It's not because people don't want their 'like' to be taken too seriously that it's not important. People connecting with your brand one way or another - regardless of their mindset - hold an opportunity for every company. Because people expect things after 'liking' a page on Facebook: discounts, company updates, exclusive content, sales, events,… And then it all depends on you, the company or brand, to find an original and relevant way to connect and engage with your audience.

How you can you live up to the expectations of your 'likers' and adapt your content strategy to these insights. The better you succeed in this job, the more valuable these 'likes' will become.
Assess the expectations of your 'likers' and adapt your content-strategy

One other element that might be important in this context…

As we all know, those San Francisco geeks at Facebook just love innovation and change. It's like all those adjustments are just there to bully marketers. Still, sometimes it makes sense. LUONs very own geek/technology evangelist just wrote a nice article about the latest innovations on Facebook.

This blog post will tell you which changes Facebook made and the impact this makes.

Source: Scribd

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