Inspiration of the month: The Hole Story interactive playground

From Arnaud Bouclier | Wednesday, January 23, 2013, in Customer marketing, Viral campaigns & games, Creativity

Imagine you just received the following briefing: promote the documentary ‘The Hole Story’ online and raise awareness for the social and ecological impact of the ever-expanding mining industry in Canada. Not an easy task, indeed. Because, to be honest: how on earth do you make a weighty documentary fun in an online environment? With great ease, so it seems. At least, that’s the way creative workshop Akufen took on the mission.

This Canadian agency made an online version of the documentary. They dug into the theme and integrated geolocation to help you start up a virtual mining company in your own neighborhood. This makes the dangers and consequences of mine exploitation for the environment and the miners tangible to the site visitors. Once you’ve engaged yourself in this part of the site, it’s just a tiny step to watch the actual documentary. Job well done.

Just visit the website and check it out yourself.

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