Inspiration of the month: stethoscope audio spot

From Arnaud Bouclier | Tuesday, March 05, 2013, in Direct Mail, Creativity

If there’s one campaign that makes us feel good, it’s this one. Even though it’s about serious matters. For starters, it proves that the medium direct mail is still alive and kicking. Secondly, it demonstrates that smart personalisation and plugging into what your target group is familiar with, is truly the way to go.
Result? A seriously attention-grabbing mailpiece.

So what exactly did they do?

In order to convince more doctors to do social work in Africa, this South African agency developed a mailpiece addressed to foreign doctors. They 'hid' an mp3 player in a tiny wooden box, containing a straightforward audio spot that could only be heard by doctors. To be able to hear the extremely low-pitched spot, the receiver needed to press his/her stethoscope onto the indicated area inside the box. How much more one-on-one can you get?

Want to know how it sounded? Check out the case video.

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