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Technology and media are changing at a frantic pace. Every week a next-big-thing pops up: an app, a new Alphabet product, a social must-have, the internet of things,…

As a knowledge partner for our clients, our experts read, search, select and preach. Mixing marketing planning, new media opportunities and technology, we use this approach to successfully outline our projects, to inspire our clients and to conceive our acclaimed Wassup sessions.

State of marketing

State of Marketing.

These Wassup sessions cover domains such as performance marketing, content & conversation and customer experience. In one 4-hour session we outline the most important digital marketing trends of the year. Highly efficient to discover which channels have the most potential to help you reach your marketing objectives.

Digital presence

Maximize Return on Digital Presence.

A set of best practices to help your digital marketing investments deliver the best return, ranging from channel selection and relationship building to smart metrics.

Content strategy

Content strategy.

You can’t force people to read or look at your content. But you can create relevant and appealing content and make sure it reaches your audience. All It takes is a clear content master plan, impactful content formats and the right content for the right target group. In this session, we’ll show you how to tackle these important challenges.

When online meets offline

Marketing in a smart world: when online meets offline.

Today’s technology and connected ‘things’ are developed to measure and anticipate. Marketers are facing new, exciting perspectives. In this session, we look for answers on how to use new technologies during the customer journey and how to stay relevant both in the digital and the physical world.

Marketing sucks

Great Marketing Sucks.

Learn how to build customer relationships during the Moments of Truth. Discover what it takes to persuade consumers to engage with your brand. And soak up the best practices on how to use social marketing to start a fruitful relationship and to strengthen your customer brand experience.

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