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Who’ll pay the next round? Find out with Lipton Ice Tea

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That moment when you’re catching up with friends at a bar, yet somehow everyone is staring at their phone again... Rings a bell? Yup, everything is better when together, but those little screens sure get in the way sometimes. Well, not anymore! Because thanks to Lipton Ice Tea’s brand new game ‘Chain of Colors’, every phone on the table will now bring more fun to your night out with friends.

That’s right: we found a way to turn all those smartphones from objects of distraction into one big facilitator of togetherness. Cheers to that! 

Put your phones together and play

Chain of Colors is a simple and fun multiplayer game, in which each player is assigned a color. Next, a color sequence is shown that you and your friends must repeat in the correct order. If you get it right, you will all level up to a harder sequence. But did someone break the color chain? Uh-oh... seems like he or she will have to pay for the next round!

So, how can I try this?

No downloads, no registrations. Just you and your friends having fun wherever and whenever you come together.

All you need to do is go to on your smartphone and challenge your friends. Let the game begin!