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A clear consumer journey for ProActiv

How we got people to find what they're looking for

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Why we did what we did

Cholesterol is a hot topic, but it's also a pretty complicated one. If you turn towards the internet for advice, chances are you'll be overwhelmed with information and you won't find what you're looking for. For brands like ProActiv, a plant-based spread with added plant sterols to help you lower cholesterol, getting the right information to the right people is very important.

So when our client asked us to migrate 33 local websites for ProActiv to their own systems, we took our job very seriously. Not only did we help migrate all content, we also put our strategic brain cells to work and asked ourselves: how can we make the content 'work'? And then, we made it work.

What we actually did

While some people are barely worried about cholesterol, others are convinced they need to take action. And while the first may simply be looking for a clear definition of cholesterol, the latter already knows all about it.

Because not everyone needs the same advice, the new platform should be optimized for every type of consumer. For this reason, we created the perfect 'cholesterol consumer journey'.

How we made it big

We defined clear consumer profiles, determined which content is relevant for every target group and the individual triggers needed to move them to the next step in their journey. From awareness (informing people how ProActiv can help) to conviction (converting people into customers and believers).

The consumer journey was the necessary starting point to map and migrate all existing content. In addition, it allowed us to make recommendations for wireframes and designs, and a master website.

ProActiv consumer journey

What it did for our client

Many people have high cholesterol. Still, you don't feel or see it. A well-defined customer journey ensures people understand why it's important to know if you have high cholesterol, and triggers them to do something about it. No matter where they are in their journey.

Check out one of the brand-new websites at

What it can do for you

Looking for a partner who can help you build a unified digital presence for your global brand? One that keeps the best interests of your target group in mind during all steps in the consumer journey and lets you win their hearts and minds?

Whatever the scale of the project, LUON has the customer-centric mindset, the skills and in-house manpower to help you get the job done.

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