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How we helped our client to convert more business potential

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Why we did what we did

High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. And while you might not see or feel it, lots of people have high cholesterol. Luckily, our client ProActiv has a solution.

Thanks to the cholesterol-lowering plant sterols in ProActiv's spreads, people can actively lower cholesterol levels by 7 to 10% in just 2 or 3 weeks. That is, if you're able to keep up with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Wait. Eating healthy? Getting active? Does that mean 'changing your behaviour'? Oh yes, it does. And we all know that's far from easy ... unless we get a little help.

What we actually did

LUON and ProActiv designed a monthly CRM program called 'Healthier Together', to activate and motivate consumers during their lifelong cholesterol journey.

Every few weeks, subscribers receive an email with actionable content that helps cholesterol concerned people to reach their goal. Not only do they get tips to get started on lowering cholesterol, we help them keep up with it too.

For a more personal approach, all tips are handed by their very own personal coaches: activity coach Martin and food coach Ellen. The perfect partners to join them on their journey.

How we made it big

To get people to subscribe, we made sure to grab their attention right from the start. We offered them a free Starter Kit, along with a few follow-up mails, that promised to help them lower cholesterol in just 3 weeks. 78% of all people who download the Starter Kit choose to be automatically enrolled in the Healthier Together program, in order to get maximum results.

Right away, people get a couple of personalised tips that fit their current lifestyle, based on questions asked by our coaches. Not only does this increase the chance of acting upon high cholesterol, it also stimulates consumption of ProActiv's products. This way, we strike while the iron's hot!

What it did for our client

The Healthier Together program helped our client to convert more business potential, by helping a target group that is aware of having a problem, but lacks the knowledge or motivation to make that problem go away.

Additionally, the Healthier Together program ...

  • ... added significant sales value per contact, proven by a GfK study done in the Netherlands.
  • ... triggers subscribers to consume more within the portfolio (GfK-proven).
  • ... triggers subscribers to consume less private label products (GfK-proven).

But maybe most importantly: 94% claims to have improved their cholesterol levels after taking part in the Healthier Together program, while 64% says they are more active and 84% is convinced they pay more attention to their eating habits. Pretty impressive!

What it can do for you

Are you looking for ways to connect with a target group that's not triggered to take action? Do you want to create long-term relationships between consumers and your brand? Or are you simply looking for a digital marketing partner that understands the needs of your brand? Let's talk.