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Acasa Invest lead generation program

An AIDA textbook example

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Real estate company ACASA Invest turned to LUON to find better ways of marketing their investment offering in a highly competitive markets

Rather than selling unreachable dreams, the company offers profitable investments for different budgets and investor types. Unfortunately, lots of leads are lost after the first contact moment to create awareness. Eventually, those leads often opt for a comparable product from a competitor.

The classic target group of independent professionals and wealthy private individuals is approached by competitors frequently. How do we set ACASA Invest apart from the competition and how do we differentiate its offering on the highly competitive capital management market?

How can we locate and connect with people who have a financial reserve, and who are willing to make a profitable investment in Belgian real estate?


  • Redefine target groups and locate them.
  • Communicate the tangible advantages of real estate investment and take down the traditional ‘not-for-me’ barriers in a straightforward and convincing way.
  • Create an easily maintainable program and mechanics enabling ACASA Invest to track and follow leads throughout the different stages. Main goal: to attract new leads and convert existing leads over time.
  • Find a way to push the company’s lead-to-sales conversion ratio upward to 25%.


  • Based on desk research and interviews, we changed the offering and the tone of voice in order to create awareness and trigger response within non-traditional target groups.
  • A combination of both on- and offline direct mail formats to highly targeted prospect databases.
  • Set-up of a lead generation program framework following a specific flow: invitation > online investment simulation > event or e-news registration > lead qualification. This approach allowed a targeted follow-up and better conversion throughout the customer journey plus an enrichment of the database for relational follow-up.


Less is more: a decrease in number of initiated contacts of 39% increased the number of closed sales with a stunning 266%. Impressive results, and the living proof that smart campaign planning, qualified targeting and creative execution can lead to excellent Return On Marketing Investment. On to the next stage in this no-nonsense marketing program!