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Affligem Beer activation campaign

Affligem digs into the true soul of Brussels and Antwerp

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Since Affligem has been brewing its well-known abbey ales since 1074, it has a strong reputation as authentic craft brewer with a rich tradition. Under the wings of the Alken Maes group, Affligem’s activities are constantly evolving. That’s why they’ve given their successful range of abbey beers a makeover with new labels, elegant glass designs and a unique tasting tray with separate shot glass for the “soul” of the beer: the yeast.

To coincide with the upgrade, Affligem teamed up with LUON for an online activation campaign to raise awareness and build a long-term relationship with Belgian beer lovers for a better market penetration.

The brewery calls upon avid fans of their beers living in Brussels and Antwerp to discover the true soul of their hometown.

Beerloving inhabitants of both cities choose the 3 photos that capture the true soul of Brussels/Antwerp from a series iconic images shot on location. The best motivation for each city is awarded with a unique beer tasting experience with renowned zythologist Sofie Vanrafelghem.  

As a pinnacle of the campaign, top photographers Serge Anton and Frederik Buyckx shot their own remakes of the most popular photos for two special Affligem exhibitions in September 2015. During the grand opening of both exhibitions, the visitors can enjoy the richness and tradition of Affligem abbey ale, blending together the fine arts of photography and craft brewing.,