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Activation for a healthier lifestyle

Consumers on their way to a fitter lifestyle, driven by Becel


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According to the Belgian League of Cardiologists 7 out of 10 Belgians suffer from a high cholesterol level. That is no good news, as high cholesterol is one of the major causes for coronary disease. To battle this ‘silent killer’ Becel pro.activ, one of Belgium’s leading margarine brands, set up a special program to help Belgians above 35 move actively at least 30 minutes a day.

LUON helped activate the Becel Hartloper program by setting off on a mission to convince members of the social platform Yunomi to have at least 30 ‘active’ minutes a day. Additionally, we motivated them to acquire well-balanced food habits and pursue a healthier lifestyle. Participants in the program register their efforts on the dedicated ‘Hartloper’ app through the website or their smartphone.

Our aim: to offer the living proof that anyone can do it, no matter what their current level of fitness is.

To get the ladies going, we created a special ‘Hartloper Potential Test’, a set of eye-catching banners and a series of motivational newsletters. We also engaged two consumers (Tina and Lientje, our real life ambassadors for the campaign) to keep the members posted on their personal achievements through a daily mini-blog. And to provide all participating Hartlopers with an ongoing dose of inspiration, we published additional content loaded with easy-to-apply tips and tricks on healthy daily habits.

The first results? During the first weeks of the activation campaign, over 4,000 Yunomi members have entered the challenge and are already on their way to a fitter lifestyle, driven by Becel.