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Launching the Becel ProActiv Starterskit

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The Belgian League of Cardiologists has pointed out that nearly 7 out of 10 Belgians suffer from high cholesterol. However, many of them don’t realize they do. A routine check-up at the doctor’s often confronts people with the slumbering problem.

LUON helped Becel set up a comprehensive starter’s kit for Becel ProActiv, one of its flagship products when it comes to cholesterol control. The free kit contains all it takes to help people switch to a healthier lifestyle: a practical guide, elaborate food tips and recipes, a 4-week step-by-step plan and 4 discount vouchers for Becel ProActiv.

We offer people the living proof that combining physical activities and a healthy food pattern with the use of Becel ProActiv leads to a lower cholesterol level.

And the message is catching on. Since the launch of the campaign, the starter’s kit has been requested more than 120,000 times…

An easy-to-use flow, real time data validation and extensive tracking allows us to serve consumers in the best way, analyse behavior and realize our pre-defined KPI’s. Mission accomplished!

And while you’re here, why not order your Becel ProActiv starter’s kit