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Cheers to spending quality time with Lipton Ice Tea

How we brought people together with a full purpose campaign

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Why we did what we did

These days, young people are more connected than ever. They like their friends' selfies. They see their buddies' weekend adventures on Snapchat. And they are always scrolling through each other's lives.

However, they are less and less together. Which is why Lipton Ice Tea and LUON raised the glass and said "CHEERS!" to spending more quality time with our friends. Because as we all know: everything is better when together.

What we actually did

In the summer of 2018, LUON created the very first full purpose campaign for Lipton Ice Tea in Belgium. The goal? Getting millennials all around the country to share some epic moments together and create meaningful connections.

The road to togetherness kicked off with an awesome manifest movie that appeared all over YouTube, starring Average Rob, one of Flanders' biggest influencers. In the movie, Rob raised the glass to some of the best moments we all remember sharing with our friends.

But while millennials spend a lot of time on YouTube, that's not the only way to get their attention. Whether they were scrolling through their Instagram feed, listening to the radio, taking the train to work or waiting for the bus: we made sure the message was clear. Social ads, radio spots, outdoor posters and printed ads in the Metro newspaper helped us spread the word and get people thinking.

How we made it big

Encouraging people to spend more time together is one thing, but how do you get them to actually do it? Easy. By handing them a trick or two on a silver platter.

By transforming Metro's popular 'Kiss & Ride' column to 'Connect & Ride', people could connect with other travelers on the train. On top of that, they would find some useful conversation starters to catch a friendly stranger's eye. Those who were more of the playful type could try the multiscreen mobile game we created for Lipton Ice Tea: a unique bonding experience to truly connect.

Meanwhile, Lipton Ice Tea took the 'Cheers' campaign all the way to the festivals: people could get together at the Lipton T-room stand and play the game or simply take some cool pics with Lipton Ice Tea's Snapchat lens – the first lens ever for more than 2 people!

Last but not least, all millennials were challenged to "disconnect 2 connect" on Friendship Day. And if they could use a gentle reminder to keep disconnecting from time to time, they could order an exclusive phone case with a quote that would inspire them to "go offline" every once in a while.

What it did for our client

All summer long, Lipton Ice Tea managed to get people out and about with their friends. True connections were made, as well as lasting memories.

And everybody heard about it! The campaign resulted in ...

  • ... 9.1 million contacts for the Metro content
  • ... 10.2 million impressions for the manifest movie
  • ... 3 million contacts for the outdoor posters
  • ... more than 122.000 types of engagement on social media
  • ... 400 orders in just 5 days for the exclusive phone case
  • ... 25.000 mocktails ordered at the Lipton T-room stand

What it can do for you

Do you want a meaningful campaign with a clear message and goal? Are you looking for a partner who's able to think of a strong concept and an all-round strategic plan? And is your brand ready to make a difference? Let's talk.