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Continental Black Chili Driving Experience

A powerful mix of customer brand experience and sales activation

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As a follow-up to the successful Conti4x4Trophy (which ended after seven consecutive years), Continental itched to hit the road again with a stronger focus on their Ultra High Performance tires.

Continental decided to give this on-the-road activation campaign all the exposure it could get. Enter LUON.


The purpose is to launch a new long-term platform offering a unique live marketing experience of Continental UHP tires. Initially focusing on Belgium, other markets will be addressed at a later stage.

  • Set up a B2B loyalty program and a B2C communication platform to build awareness of UHP tires
  • Continental wants to strengthen its status of internationally renowned tyre manufacturer
  • The company’s main purpose is to give consumers a strong sense of both driving pleasure and safety

A road adventure in a fleet of supercars remains a dream for car fanatics and other petrol heads.


LUON took on the concepting and creation of the interactive campaign platform look & feel, content creation and concept ideas for the creative (live) challenges. 

The online Black Chili Driving Experience HQ enabled users to subscribe for and participate in the contest, consult rankings and prizes, follow the challenges and watch competitor’s video submissions.

To achieve a high visibility and convince people to visit the campaign website, a strong mix of media channels was chosen. These include several bannering networks, newsletters and follow-up emails, a continuous promotion on selected social media, outdoor billboards and a mobile app to further increase the total reach.



  • On average, over 30.300 people were reached by targeted and promoted Facebook posts every day.
  • Overall strong email performance, with an average open rate of 43% and an interaction rate of 32%.
  • Over 121.000 website visits were registered, with 54% of all traffic to the site achieved in the first three weeks.
  • Selected bannering networks generated almost half of all traffic in the campaign period. Another 40.000 sessions were directly triggered by outdoor billboard campaign. Social media posts generated another 13.000 sessions. 
  • Over 1.000 Belgian teams entered the competition.
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