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Several years ago, end of year. Marketing agency LUON was looking for a better way to contribute to charity than the traditional cards from charity organizations. We thought we could do better. Most charity organizations suffer from overhead: we wanted to spend our money on tangible projects and solutions, not on organizations.

We didn’t like the concept of one-time donations, because it’s not very effective for structural support. People weren’t really involved: they just contributed. And then forgot about it.

Some of us care more for animals, others for human rights. Some take the fate of refugees in the Middle-East to heart. But why couldn’t everybody choose to donate to the cause they related to the most?

Over the last years, we donated 1.000.000 euros to social projects. That's real money to help real people.


  • 1 euro donated = 1 euro spent on the cause
  • Provide structural support rather than a gift
  • Increase the involvement: let people feel they are making a difference without a great deal of effort, but simply by making a choice
  • Everybody should be able to select the cause he or she cares for


People are willing to contribute if it doesn’t require them to change their way of life. And people do call and text all the time.

So we launched a new mobile operator. We called it Ello Mobile. All profits would go to a good cause. People could choose to which cause. Its philosophy? You call. Ello Mobile donates.


Without a single euro spent on traditional advertising, but focused on word-of-mouth, thousands of people now rely on Ello Mobile for their phone calls, text messages and mobile surfing.

Over the last years, we donated over 1.000.000 euros to social and ecological projects.

Ello customers can choose between 8 projects, all approved by the King Baudouin Foundation. Or they can choose to have their donations divided between all of them. Every month, we tell them how much we collected for these causes. This way, our callers feel they are making a real difference. Every euro of profit made goes directly to these organizations.

You want to make a difference too? Join Ello Mobile: