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Fnac goes glossy

Fashion meets high tech for FNAC

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What do you get when you blend top fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Roberto Cavalli with high tech products of, let's say, Nikon and Apple? Allow us to answer that one for you: it’s the brand new Fnac Fashion & High Tech catalogue.

LUON produced a true 'glossy' for Fnac with a glamorous mix of fashion shoots, trendy articles and the latest gadgets that are bound to turn heads. Four renowned fashion photographers shot at such unique and artful locations as the neoclassicist Bourla Café in Antwerp. And very rightly so, as the presented fashion items were far from ordinary: a series of exclusive gadgets by Bramante, Alef Design, Muvit and other top brands, exclusively on sale at Fnac.

Whether you are in a casual mood, wear a trendy business outfit or choose shameless glamour: you wouldn’t let the wrong accessory cramp your style, would you? Thanks to the new Fnac catalogue, you’ll let out the true fashionista in you.

Discover this catwalk-worthy combination: browse the Fnac Fashion & High Tech glossy right here. Or if you prefer French, go here.