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An inspiring catalog for a hassle-free Christmas feeling

Christmas shopping gets fun with the Fnac-catalog

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We know, shopping for Christmas gifts can be a drag sometimes. Still, you don’t want to let any of your friends and relatives down, so you go the extra miles to buy them the best present you can get. So, what if you could do all the ‘hard work’ – the shop hopping, the shelf digging and the actual choosing — from your comfy chair at home? That’s what inspired us for this year’s edition of the Fnac Christmas catalogue.

150 high-quality, real paper pages to browse through. Each and every one filled to the brim with the latest and the greatest from the world of IT, hifi, books, music, games and event tickets. All tucked into one XXL-sized catalogue with a crystal clear user interface. Doesn’t that beat strolling through overcrowded city streets in the freezing cold, on the hunt for gifts? We offer consumer the ultimate all-round shopping experience in the comfort of their own home. All they need to do is grab their shopping list and head over the nearest Fnac store. Traffic building guaranteed!