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Global content migration for ProActiv

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Why we did what we did

Migrating digital content is more than just 'moving data'. Every platform has its own structure, so content can't simply be transferred from one platform to the other. In other words: when our client Upfield needed to move 120 local websites from recently acquired brands like Solo, Becel and ProActiv to their own systems, they knew they were in for a big challenge.

And that's where we come in. As LUON is the long-time strategic partner for margarine brands like ProActiv, we know their content like no other. Thus, we worked our magic.

What we actually did

We mainly focused on the content for ProActiv's 33 websites, a plant-based spread with added plant sterols that helps you lower cholesterol. As every local website was built on its own structure, moving the content to one unified web environment needed some good strategic thinking upfront.

After creating a clear consumer journey for cholesterol-minded people, we were able to thoroughly map the existing content for all 33 websites. Afterwards, there was only one thing left to do: migrating the content to its new destination and getting it to reach the right people.

 ProActiv wireframe

How we made it big

How do you make sure your content is actually read? As often, it's all in the details. So besides migrating all websites, we assisted Upfield and their technical partner in every way we could to make the content 'work' on the new platform too.

We thought about ways to optimize user experience and gave recommendations for wireframes, designs and a unified brand identity. To put our ideas into practice, we made a master website with copy and images that created the perfect look and feel and set the example for all 32 other websites. All the while, our team was available for technical support and further advice.

 ProActiv content migration

What it did for our client

Not only did we help relieve the workload for Upfield's local teams and partners by managing the content migration project for a large number of websites, we also made sure the new platform adds value to their business objectives in every single country.

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What it can do for you

Looking for a partner who can help you build a unified digital presence for your global brand? One that keeps the best interests of your target group in mind at all times and lets you win their hearts and minds?

Whatever the scale of the project, LUON has the customer-centric mindset, the skills and in-house manpower to help you get the job done.

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A few facts and figures

- 33 ProActiv websites were migrated
- Every website contained between 75 and 250 pages
- In just 8 weeks we moved the first wave of 17 websites
- In a second wave we handled another 16 websites
- And because we got the hang of it, we did 4 additional migrations for Becel