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Kids campaigning for smoke-free environments with Generatie Rookvrij

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Why we did what we did

Children and smoking don’t match. And they never will. Still, some grown-ups can’t seem to quit smoking in places where lots of children come to play or enjoy sports in the open. Now that spring is in the air and corona still affects our daily lives, children will soon head outside to play, romp and cavort. With this new campaign, Generatie Rookvrij is on a mission to turn playgrounds, sports clubs and youth movements into smoke-free zones, so that kids can have loads of fun and get exercise in a healthy environment.

Generatie Rookvrij teamed up with LUON once again for a new awareness campaign. The aim: to motivate people to share social videos and tag their local sports club to encourage them to ban tobacco from their grounds.

What we actually did

Social video campaign
We let the kids have their say in a series of short social videos. No restrictions. No scenario. Once and for all, they let adults know that they don’t want to be exposed to second-hand smoke anymore. And basically, they would love they would love to see their moms, dads, granddads and grannies say bye bye to tobacco.

Since 2020 turned ‘zoomcalling’ into one of the most popular means of communication, we decided to ‘shoot’ the kids in their safe home setting. 

The monkey see, monkey do in smoking
Kids copy adult behavior. So when children see grown-ups smoke, they might think that smoking is normal and can even be kind of cool. By not smoking in the presence of kids, they will be less inclined to try their first cigarette when they grow up.

Hear what Hailey and Naomi think >
See what Lilly Rose has to say >

Smoking and sports don’t mix
Pepijn, 11 years old says it loud and clear: "Imagine building a sand castle with a cigarette butt in it… yuck!". And young Noa is not too keen on adults smoking along the sidelines of his team’s soccer field. Their game plan? No more smoking at youth sports fields, playgrounds, beaches or other places where kids roam free…

See how Pepijn tells it like it is >
Noa tells why it’s not cool >

Time to reflect upon your smoking habit
"My daddy smokes and that’s sad. I don’t want him to get cancer from it and lose him…" Words from 10 year-old Magali that really hit home. Louka would love her dear gran even more if she’d quit smoking. See: even kids know that smoke-free environments are better for all of us. Non-smoking environments also ensure that people who are trying to quit smoking are less tempted to light one up.

Check Magali’s plea to ditch the cancer stick >
Hear Louka’s message for his gran >

How we made it big

  • We released one video every week throughout March 2021
  • We launched a series of promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Videos spread through the Generatie Rookvrij Youtube channel and website. In addition to that, Generatie Rookvrij partners shared the videos with their audience through their own channels.

What it did for our client

The videos got picked up amazingly well, bringing our message to the masses throughout March.

Hailey, Naomi and Lilly Rose’s clip was watched 97,000 times, just like Louka and Magali’s video. Pepijn and Noa hit the 136,000 mark with their promo video for smoke-free sports fields and playgrounds. The three videos rolled into one compilation even reached a stunning 209,000 views. Mission accomplished!