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A real saucy activation for Knorr

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A dash of delicious gravy is the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ for your daily meals. However, preparing gravy at home takes some expertise and extra time in your kitchen. Knowing that, Knorr called in the help of their international chefs to create a set of new tasty recipes for new varieties of the instant gravy product “Sausketeltje”. Gravy lovers rejoice!


Increase market penetration of the Knorr’s Sausketeltje product by adding an emotional and engaging layer to the media campaign.


Gravy makes cosy family meals a bit more special. Kids are excited about it but often have their specific wishes: gravy in a mash hole, next to their favorite slice of meat, …

Knorr’s Italian chef Igor Zago helps mums to prepare gravy with his Knorr Sausketeltje: an easy and delicious gravy which her kids love.  But he also wants to know more about the preferences and habits of Belgian gravy lovers.

We invited people to answer his call by using our fun Facebook “Gravy Type” app and to share how they most enjoy gravy with their daily meal: only on their vegetables or meat, served in a separate little bowl, poured into a little hole in their mashed potatoes or simply… all over their plate.

Participants were offered new, exclusive recipes from the chef and had the chance to receive free “Sausketeltje/Marmite de Sauce” taster packs at home.


10,000 new Knorr fans joined us in just two weeks to tell us which gravy type they are. They all received free Sausketeltje products in the mail and opted in for extra relational follow-up campaigns.

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