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Lipton Ice Tea LOOP campaign

How we made millennials hot for Lipton Ice Tea (and boosted sales by 173%)

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Why we did what we did

School, work, life: it may surprise you, but young people have a lot on their mind. Luckily, a little bit of sunshine makes everything better. And if there's one thing Lipton Ice Tea loves to do, it's handing millennials those much needed rays of sunshine.

LUON was more than happy to help out. Meaning: setting up a campaign that allows fans of Lipton Ice Tea to win LOOPs by Brussels Airlines, which they can use to get a free flight and have their dose of fun in the sun.

Aim of the game? If we can get millennials excited about the brand, land the message that sunshine makes everything better and increase the sales of Lipton Ice Tea's black stills along the way, it's a win-win for everyone involved.


What we actually did

Keeping it simple is what we did, and keeping it simple is exactly what worked. All people had to do was fill in the code they found on their black still, and answer two straightforward questions. Effortless, right?

Each week, 43 lucky bastards won themselves a package of LOOPs. But that's not all. Every 10 times they took part, they would have a chance to win a special set of LOOPs, worth 500 euros. Evidently, this encouraged people to keep on playing.


How we made it big

Cool stuff, you say, but how do you spread the word? Well, two things. Firstly, we got people's attention wherever they came, using different kinds of media. Think: print, digital and out of home.

Secondly, we reached millennials where they love spending time: on YouTube. And yes, we got every single one of them! Using a technique called precision marketing, we created different ads based on people's interests and search behavior. For example, we teased those who love to party all night long with a tempting ad to win a flight to Ibiza and encouraged those who already took a peak on the website to try their luck.

What it did for our client

So, did Lipton Ice Tea reach their goal? See for yourself:

  • Are millennials excited about the brand? Well, they sure are excited about the competition: more than 99% (!) of all participants finished the whole flow.
  • Was there an increase in sales? Hell yeah! Participating retailers saw an increase of 173% in sales of Lipton Ice Tea's black stills during promo week.
  • Does sunshine make everything better? All those people who took a shot at flying to the sun, will happily answer that question: during the first 7 months of the campaign, more than 350.000 codes were entered!

What it can do for you

Looking for a campaign that gives your sales a boost in the triple digits? Want to send out a positive message to your target group and create long-term relationships with people who love and think highly of your brand? Make Lipton Ice Tea's story your own: at LUON, we don't just get people excited, we keep them coming back for more.

Using clear consumer insights and innovative marketing techniques, we create campaigns with just one goal in mind: yours.