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Lipton Ice Tea pre-rolls on YouTube

Doubling the fun for millennials

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If you’re looking for millennials, chances are you’ll find them scrolling through YouTube videos of cats, recipes or concerts. A great way to spend your time when you’re looking for some fun, but for Lipton Ice Tea, fun goes hand in hand with friends. Because isn’t everything better when together?

So we said: why not pour that thought into a number of 6 second contextual pre-rolls, each with a slightly different message depending on the content of the video you’re watching? Millennials can still get to watch the video and have their fun, but who knows ... maybe afterwards they’ll give their friends a call


Inspiring millennials at heart to spend more quality time together, just like Lipton Ice Tea’s tagline “Everything is better when together” suggests.


Looking for music videos? Great! An epic night out with friends? Better!

It’s just one of the 17 messages we delivered in 17 unique contextual pre-rolls. The pre-rolls were divided into 4 topics, each close to millennials’ hearts: food, music, weather and Tomorrowland.

Every 6 second pre-roll pretty much told the same story: isn’t it great to watch a video about something ... but isn’t it a whole lot better to just go out with friends and do something similar to what you’re watching? However, every pre-roll was different in the way it hooked into the exact content of the video you were watching. From a cake recipe to a rock concert.

And of course, reaching millennials is always a little easier with a GIF or two. So yes, we looked for the best (and had a lot of fun doing so)!