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Maïzena and LUON breathe fresh air into 20 Belgian baking classics

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The aim?

To renew the awareness that Maïzena helps you bake light sweet treats at home. Just like gran did.

When it comes to cooking, Belgian consumers mainly associate Maïzena — the leading brand in cornstarch — with the thickening of fine sauces. It is however a well-kept kitchen secret that our grandmothers have always used Maïzena to add a dose of lightness to their home-made pies and pastry.

That insight was the starting point of a campaign to renew the awareness that Maïzena helps you bake light and airy sweet treats at home. Just like gran did. LUON and Maïzena teamed up for an awareness campaign around 20 popular baking recipes, originating from the 10 Belgian provinces. Cheesecake, waffles, traditional apple pie and many other Belgian patisserie standards battled each other  for the vote of Belgian baking fans.

The mechanic?

Letting targeted communities  choose their favorites in one-to-one baking duels. The goal: to put together the ultimate Belgian Baking cookbook with the 10 most popular baking recipes in Belgium. By incorporating Maïzena as an ingredient in every recipe, we create relevant content and offer the living proof that the brand  adds an extra dose of ‘air’ to the dough as well as making rich fillings easily digestible.

As an encouragement to get people voting, sharing and baking we offer them the chance to win baking tins in return for their votes, or even the ultimate feeling of lightness : a flight over one’s own region with a hot air balloon …