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Midas marketing performance dashboard

Data visualisation for customer growth and retention

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Midas, a chain of independent car maintenance service garages from the Mobivia Group, wanted to get a better view on the profile of their customers. Their main goal: to know their behavior and to bring the right proposition to the right people. As part of a CRM program, we started drilling down the Midas transactional data…


  • Gathering, structuring, matching and modeling the data from multiple sources.
  • Defining the relevant data in order to detect new business opportunities and presenting them to all stakeholders in a clear, smart, and usable manner.


Enter the data visualization and performance dashboard. We believe that a good visual dashboard, which presents data in a well-structured and attractively designed way, helps marketers to detect patterns and gather insights. It also helps them explain data to other internal decision makers.

For Midas we defined 3 marketing performance domains:

  • Customer database status with performance of the different contact sources, including their growth and migration paths.
  • Customer transaction scoring, based on a long-term model: we define a set of customer segments, each with their specific purchase behavior and value, their labels, evolution and goal.
  • Car profiles: as an essential data layer for the Midas business, we combine car-specific information mutually and with customer segments, to reveal clusters for cross-selling opportunities.

These 3 domains are combined with campaign and executive overviews, where business KPIs, marketing results and CRM metrics are brought together and offer an insight on the evolution and contribution of the relational marketing program.


  • The interactive dashboard visualizes migration paths between different segments, behavior and value of the customer groups, and the link between different variables. All giving better insight in the data and handing the Midas marketers and LUON as an agency a tool for better message targeting, campaign planning and decision making.
  • For Midas, this ergonomic and easy-to-use tool has grown into a highly valued asset.

The Midas visual performance dashboard is built upon LUON’s own performance analytics platform LMAx.