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Sharing some sunshine for Lipton Ice Tea

How we virtually brought young people closer together in times of corona

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Why we did what we did

Isn’t having a good time with your best friends what makes life worth living? In times of Covid-19 —when being physically close with friends and family often was next to impossible — it proved to be a fact you can’t deny. That’s why, all throughout the first corona-ridden months of 2020, Lipton Ice Tea wanted to stay true to its main purpose: to bring people together by facilitating meaningful, fun moments. And LUON was more than happy to oblige: 

What we actually did and how we made it big

Not being able to meet up with your mates is a drag. Corona made us realise more than ever how important those moments are, especially for the young and restless.

A website to stimulate togetherness

That's why we set up a website for our youthful target group: Filled to the brim with challenges that bring young people closer to one another and fun stuff to do ‘together apart’, each in their own bubble. To take engagement up a notch we threw in an extra catch: there were tons of prizes to be won! 

Purpose-driven content marketing is a way for Lipton Ice Tea to forge a bond with its target audience based on their shared needs and interests – which includes raising interest in supporting a worthy cause. And in these most challenging of times, we decided to take that literally. We came up with a challenge that doesn’t just join friends together, but also encourages them to do something purposeful. In no time we rolled out an impactful platform to motivate youngsters to do voluntary work and bring some sunshine to the lives of people who need it most in times of social isolation.

Connecting social media assets 

In addition to handling the design and set-up of the website, LUON created all social media assets to land the #sharesomesunshine message as well. With bold and colorful animations to grab attention and a connected story, to roll out over all formats and channels that our target audience is actively using:

  • Newsfeed posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram
  • YouTube bumper videos
  • Snapchat
  • Popular gaming platforms

What it did for our client

In just over two weeks, we managed to draw 35,000 unique visitors to the campaign site. Our social media campaign reached millions of young Belgian and helped us spread the word on organically.

What it can do for you

Today, more and more companies are aware of the social impact of their products and activities. Purpose marketing is not just about what you do. It builds upon the reasons WHY you do it. Rather than just creating campaigns for profitable results, the focus is on the value they add for society.
Are you looking to take your first steps toward social growth for your brand or company? LUON has the expertise to help you on your way. Let’s talk.