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Solo Baking CRM program

Introducing Belgium to the basics of sweet baking

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Sweet baking is hot these days. You can’t switch on your tv set without coming across a culinary show with some chef elbow-deep in cookie dough, meringue or whipped cream


Use the baking theme to drive volume for Unilever’s premium margarine brand Solo: get occasional bakers to bake more cakes by showing them how easy & rewarding baking can be.


  • The baking trend has been adopted early by Solo: starting with online “Baking Battles” in 2012, the election of the 10 most iconic Belgian baking recipes, their active participation in “World Baking day” and topical multi-channel events such as “Valentine’s Day Mugcakes”, we made Solo become one of the most avid ambassadors for the online baking community. With the launch of the “Bakatelier”, LUON helps the Unilever brand start a new chapter in its quest to teach Belgium how to bake.
  • For the aspiring baking chefs we created a series of interactive video workshops with Wim Ballieu. Every workshop can be viewed according to one’s own skill level. Sections that could need some additional explanation are extended with video tips. By taking a short test afterwards, the baking chefs-in-the-making can earn baking certificates and badges. A playful way to share experiences and creations.
  • As the objective is not only about engagement but also activation and conversion, visitors are invited to request their physical Start-to-bake-kit, including a set of proven recipe and tip cards, a birthday baking calendar, coupons for the ingredients, a savings card,… A beautifully designed set of materials to get people on the road to baking success.
  • The starter’s kit is the entry point to a 365 relational program around baking, online as well as offline. All with the objective to keep Solo top of mind. And to help, inspire and stimulate consumers to bake, and to make it rewarding for them.


After 12 weeks:

  • 25,300 video workshops followed. 6,000 baking diplomas and badges earned.
  • Over 26,000 Start-to-bake kits ordered.