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Rewarding bloggers and community heroes with badges

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Rewarding a community

Nearly 50% of the members of Solo Open Kitchen, Belgium’s most lively cooking community, use their cooking journal on a regular basis. The best proof of the site’s user-generated succes? A stunning 76% of the 13,500 recipes on Solo Open Kitchen have been uploaded by members. Over 8,000 comments and tips have been exchanged. In short: Solo Open Kitchen has everything a brand community owner could possibly dream of.

Honouring our heroes

By rewarding 122,000 members with a wide range of cooking badges for every contribution they make to the site, we decided to take the community member experience yet another step further, adding a tasty dose of gamification to the platform. But evidently, rewarding the efforts of Solo Open Kitchen members isn’t the sole purpose of the cooking badge system. It should also trigger extra contributions, motivate interaction through social media and add a sense of fun and competition to the platform. As Solo considers its members to be the ‘true heroes’ of its community, we now encourage everything cooking aficionados like to do on Solo Open Kitchen.

Broaden the reach

Social platforms like Nike+ and Foursquare have already shown that people love sharing what they’re proud of: the result of their workouts, the unique concerts they’ve attended or the wonderful places they’ve visited. The same applies to cooking. Solo Open Kitchen builds on that knowledge: we encourage members to share their collection of badges with other members and Facebook-friends. But that’s not where the fun ends: by earning points for every contribution, our members can compete with other members and friends to earn a spot in the monthly Top 10 of active members. What’s more fun than beating a friend by an inch in a little race for the top?

Solo badges for every contribution

So Solo now encourages everything cooking aficionados like to do on Solo Open Kitchen. Saving recipes by others users in their personal cooking journal earns them the Foodie badge. Sharing their personal recipes on the platform is rewarded with Chef badges, ranging from 1 to 3 stars. In the same way, we are honouring people who like to add comments and ratings to recipes or those who like to share recipes on Facebook or Pinterest. Special badges to tie in with new campaigns ¬ like the Baking Battles  — should stimulate members who love a specific cooking activity. The possibilities are exciting and endless...

Launch accomplished!

During the first week after the official launch, more than 1,500 badges have been assigned already. And the ranking system seems to be catching on as well, with a wider differentiation of members popping up in the top 10 every week.

Want to see the badge system at work and discover an archive of 13,500 original recipes while you’re at it? Check out Solo Open Kitchen today.