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SoloBot, the chatbot that tells you what’s for dinner

An innovative brand butler to increase engagement

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Undeniably, one of the most recurring questions in our busy daily lives is “What’s for dinner tonight?”. Since the launch of its Solo Open Kitchen platform, Solo assists people in tackling that very question through inspiration and helpful tips. First there was the Solo Open Kitchen website, then came the mobile app, followed by an active presence on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

To get even closer to its users and provide them with easily accessible, direct help wherever they are, the Unilever brand and LUON launched the SoloBot – a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. This new service allows everyone to call upon the Solo Open Kitchen inspiration at any time. Whether they must quickly think up what’s for dinner tonight while at work, stand in the supermarket aisle with no inspiration whatsoever or are busy planning their weekly menu.


Increase brand engagement for Solo Open Kitchen members via an easily accessible service on a well-known platform.


We built a chatbot on the Facebook Messenger platform that connects to the Solo Open Kitchen recipe database to provide users with the best matching recipes possible. People can ask for specific recipes (eg. “spaghetti bolognese”), ask for the Solo Open Kitchen weekly menu, or even enter ingredients they have in their fridge and want Solobot to cook something up with.

Besides the more functional side of delivering recipe inspiration, we optimized the experience of chatting with the bot by creating the right tone of voice and adding a first level of conversational intelligence.


The first version of the SoloBot chatbot has only just been released. Please check back later when we update this page with the results.

Try it out here: