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Sony Mobile

A global e-DM program

Highly relevant information throughout the entire customer journey

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Sony Mobile wants to inspire and enable everyone to create and participate in experiences that blur the lines between communication and entertainment.

To reach that objective, Sony Mobile focuses on starting and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with consumers, allowing them to participate and engage. Our weapon of choice: a global e-direct marketing program and framework, allowing us to reach, grow and retain our target group efficiently.


Our main objective is to bring relevant information to the right person at the right moment in time.

The program itself uses e-DM as an effective relationship marketing channel, which enables us to build a positive customer brand experience. Throughout the lifecycle, we aim for purchase consideration and sales conversion, always using an approach that enables us to reach out and market precisely when it matters most.


The global e-DM program for Sony Mobile concentrates on acquisition, lifecycle-based messaging and sales conversion.

Every contact and touchpoint is an opportunity to start the relationship. And a chance to draw prospects and customers into the communication cycle. Whether we focus on customers (by building an outstanding customer experience, retention, brand loyalty and stimulating cross-/up-selling) or prospects (by turning suspects into prospects, creating sales conversion, keeping the brand top-of-mind and being present at every moment of truth), we’ll always use the opportunity to start or strengthen a true bond.

To do so, we created a data strategy, design registration tactics and formats that prove their efficiency throughout all touchpoints. A strategy that helps us capture the most relevant data and to continuously enrich them.

Lifecycle-based messaging and sales conversion:
Reaching 64 local markets in 31 different languages, the Sony Mobile e-DM program aims to create top of mind and interaction, build relationships and strengthen brand positioning. To optimize customer experience, the content for different consumer clusters is a well-balanced mix based on diverse parameters. We learn from stated consumer preferences, past engagement and site behavior. And we never lose touch of local market needs, customer type, transactional and ownership data.

The combination of ongoing segmentation, advanced automated scenarios and well-managed on-demand campaigns, generates high response, participation and purchase consideration. It also offers us valuable insights in consumers’ needs and wants.

In addition to data segmentation and content relevance, design is an important part of the program’s brand experience. By optimizing design and interface, we are able to present the messages convincingly on all platforms (both mobile and desktop), for all clients in any language. This has a measurable impact on willingness to read and share.


The program has an annual reach of 60+ million qualified interactions and generates a yearly Return On Marketing Investment of 53 euros for every euro invested.

The Sony Mobile e-DM program has a customer lifetime value of 161,4 million euro.

Over the years, the Sony Mobile e-DM program has been honored with Webby Awards, Communicator Award of Excellence, W3 Awards, Cuckoo Awards, BOA, IAC Awards and Daveys.