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Umbraco v8 migration for Essity

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Why we did what we did

Essity is one of the world’s leaders in the sustainable development, production, marketing and sales of value-added hygiene and health products and services. As a partner, LUON has been rolling out digital platforms for Essity’s Consumer Tissue segment (household tissues, bathroom tissues, hankies and facials) since 2017. As we know the current portfolio of brand websites through and through, LUON took on the challenge of migrating 35 websites — for Lotus, Tempo and Zewa, to name just a few — to the latest version of the Umbraco content management system. This transfer from Umbraco v7 to v8 will enable Essity to take advantage of all CMS functionalities that are being developed specifically for the new version release.

But, as even the internal expert at Umbraco would confirm, the scope and scale of this ambitious project was unprecedented. But that didn’t scare us off. Au contraire.

What we actually did

We started the migration from what was already at hand: the ‘baseline‘. This collective foundation serves as a blueprint for consistency throughout different brand/country websites. On a technical level, this means that you can tap into the advantages of having individual hosting and deployments (when it comes to pushing updates) and a separate back office (making it easier for the different countries to keep an overview), all while working from one and the same baseline. As all features became available to stakeholders all over the world, it goes without saying that managing individual websites became a whole lot easier.

Once that base was cemented, our tech team migrated and tested Essity’s Consumer Tissue websites to Umbraco v8 one by one, from mid-July to mid-September.

How we made it big

The true challenge lay in the fact that, before all specific content for each market could be migrated, all features, templates and integrations needed to be in place. And there were a lot. Like, A LOT. You want numbers? We’ll give you some numbers…

  • 28 features (i.e. newsletter subscriptions, promotions, download guides underneath articles, …)
  • 40 templates (with different page types: topic, subtopic and detail pages, product pages, …)
  • 24 integrations (i.e. integration of product information management, product reviews, email marketing integrations, …)

These migrations took a few months of hard work, by the sweat of our brows, but we pride ourselves in the fact that all 35 migrated websites suffered no significant downtime. Mission accomplished!

What it did for our client

Essity now has a fresh and future-proof arsenal of 35 country websites for 9 of their hygiene brands.

Colhogar      Portugal and Spain

Cushelle       UK

Edet              Netherlands and Belgium (Dutch and French)

Lotus            Finland, France and Norway

Okay             Belgium (Dutch and French) and France

Plenty          Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK

Regio            Mexico

Tempo         Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium (Dutch and French)

Zewa            Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine

What it can do for you

Looking for a partner who can help you build a unified digital presence for your global brand? One that keeps the best interests of your target group in mind at all times and lets you win their hearts and minds?

Both LUON and Intracto are Umbraco Gold Partners and wear the Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse badge of honour. Whatever the scale of the project, LUON has the customer-centric mindset, the skills and in-house
manpower to help you get the job done.

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