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Weight Care

Dive into the summer without spare tire

Weight Care gets women ready for the bikini season 

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Summer’s drawing nearer and so the need to look extra sharp grows stronger. That’s why we launched a brand new summer campaign for the Weight Care range of slimming products. It aims to convince women to try out a Weight Care course and get rid of that blasted spare tire before summer. And to keep it deflated, once and for all!

How did we take on the challenge?

First, we created  a concept that hits the spot with the ladies: the unspoken wish to fit into last year’s bikini or bathing suit. In a second phase, we translated the concept to all online and in-store media and docked e-coupons + an inviting contest onto it.

By participating, women can win themselves a wardrobe full of fashionable swimwear to show off their freshly acquired waistline. Now tell us: is that a motivator, or what?